GRP furniture for mental health applications

Working in close partnership with specialist mental health care professionals, Harviglass has developed several items of almost indestructible GRP furniture including beds, tables, seating and cabinets. While the primary objective has been that of safety and resilience in this sensitive field, the products also aim to reflect the vital look of normal ‘none-institutional’ fixtures which will blend unobtrusively into modern mental care accommodation.


Our customers, both NHS, HMP and other specialist private mental institutions continue to express their pleasure and appreciation of our products with comments such as, We remain delighted with the performance of the GRP beds…..’ and ‘…the furniture has been extensively used and we are totally satisfied with every aspect of your design and installation. Thank you.’

However, in spite of their modest appearance, these products have been scientifically tested at the National Physical Laboratory and, more particularly, by determined, repeated attack by experienced, robust mental care staff, where a sustained assault using a variety of tools and weapons failed to damage or dislodge the fittings from their position.

The furniture also has other passive safety features which will reduce the risk of self-harm, such as smoothly rounded edges and energy absorbing structure and will give no opportunity positioning ligatures.


  • All our furniture is fire retardant to BS476 Part 7 Class O. This generally means they are non-combustible.
  • All our furniture has a smooth glossy finish which is available in any colour. The finish is impervious to all cleaning chemicals and processes and is easy to clean with zero maintenance required.
  • All our furniture is both mechanically fixed and chemically bonded to the floor and walls and no evidence of fixing appears anywhere on the item. Anti-pick mastic is neatly applied to the furniture/floor and furniture/wall interface, giving a safe, hygienic and easy-clean finish.
  • All our furniture carries a 15 year guarantee against defects in materials or workmanship. The products are all British made in our own factories under stringent ISO 9001 (2000) Quality Assurance procedures.