GRP Hand Rails

GRP Hand Rails at Harviglass.

At Harviglass we offer a range of GRP Handrail solutions suited to a wide range of installations for a range of industries. Manufactured from high quality polyester resin with E glass fibre roving, Harviglass GRP Hand Rails are a versatile and reliable installation.

Why Choose GRP?

GRP offers a much more cost effective and long-lasting alternative to conventional material. GRP has lower installation and maintenance costs while retaining outstanding levels of corrosion and impact resistance with high strength to weight ratios. This makes choosing GRP Hand rails the obvious choice for a material that significantly outperforms steel, aluminium and timber equivalents.

What are the benefits?

In a nutshell, GRP fittings and moulded construction materials offer a list of key features:

  • High strength and stability
  • Easy to install
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Weather resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • No recycle value

GRP Hand rails are easy to assemble ideal for the rapid construction of stairs, walkways, ramps and barriers. High strength and low maintenance. Fibreglass handrails can be supplied erected or for owner assembly on site using simple hand tools. Ideal for protecting and identifying hazardous storage areas, fuel tanks, chemical stores, bunds etc. and can be used in corrosive environments, chemical waste, water treatment plants and commercial industrial locations.

These Handrails are developed with health and safety in mind and are ideally suited for stairs, ramps, and walkways. Available in a high visibility yellow and can be assembled to incorporate 90 degree turns.

GRP safety barriers are constructed in a modular 50 mm tube system for easy assembly. And can be fitted rapidly using simple hand tools or delivered be re assembled for peace of mind. Ergonomically design to ensure a comfortable and safe grip which in turn helps reduce potential tripping hazards when traversing.

When Considering your next installation. Think Harviglass GRP Handrails. Easily assembled and maintenance free.