GRP Rods & Tubes

GRP Rods & Tubes at Harviglass

GRP rods and tubes from Harviglass are strong and flexible lengths of fibreglass for a staggering range of applications from Kite Making to Prop and set design for the television industries. Available in a choice of colours, including health and safety yellow. GRP Rods ad tubes make a perfect assembly material.

Harviglass GRP Rods & Tubes are created by a process known as pultrusion, which ensures a strong and lightweight material product which has no weak points typically associated with assembly. Harviglass GRP Rods & Tubes are also long lasting and highly resistant to corrosion guaranteeing a sound investment for any application.

What Can They be used for?

Our products are used across a diverse range of specialty areas, including the artistic community (carnival bands, sculptors, set designers, film industry, theatre props, puppet makers, special effects, kites & live role play (LRP) weapons makers).

Other uses include garden stakes, hobbyists, aerials for radio enthusiasts, sail battens – the list of possible applications is simply endless! The streamlined production process ensure that we can create Rods & Tubes to meet any application with customer satisfaction at the forefront of what Harviglass are about.

What is pultrusion?

Pultrusion is a highly efficient process for producing continuous lengths to GRP Product, in this case Rods & Tubes. The raw material involved are a liquid resin mixture and reinforcing glass fibres, hence the name – Glassfibre Reinforced Plastic – GRP. The Process involves pulling these raw materials through a heated steel forming die using a continuous pulling device. The pulled materials are then hardened by the resin mixture drying in the heated die.