GRP Stair Tread

GRP Stair Treads at Harviglass

Slips and falls are one of the most common workplace hazards and can often result in serious injury. Therefore, it is imperative to take adequate precautions. Stairs are a particularly hazardous location, especially in industrial and out door areas were the steps are likely to become wet and difficult to safely traverse. GRP Stair treads provide a simple, easy to install and cost effective solutions to ensuring the safety of your workforce.

What are GRP stair treads?

Our GRP stair treads are typically available at a 35-40mm thickness accompanied with a high visibility nosing which improve safety standards in darker and poorly light areas. Available with steel fixing to ensure a secure installation. GRP stair treads are also developed to allow effective drainage.

Highly Versatile

GRP stair treads by Harviglass can be cut to specific sizes to suit your installation requirements. They can also be installed on new and replacement staircase installations to provide a permanent and above all a safe footing. The gritted anti slip surface is well proven and provides one of the highest possible degrees of slip resistance on the market and with quarts integrally bonded in the grit surface. You can rest assured of a strong and longer lasting safety installation.

Proven Increase in workplace safety

GRP stair treads by Harviglass have consistently reduced the number of reported incidents in all types of industries, effectively neutralising the potential dangers of walking surface that become wet and oily were they are able to drain safely through specially designed meshes.


  • New Build Staircases
  • Stair tread Replacement
  • High Footfall Areas
  • Heavy Industry


  • Anti-Slip Surface
  • Allows Drainage
  • Fire / Chemical Resistant
  • Maintenance Free

Made from tough, hardwearing, durable materials.