GRP Table Tops Shine With Harviglass

Harviglass Fibre were recently approached by Poppyhead Consultancy for some technical assistance on a table top they were trying to manufacture for a roof top terrace. It soon became apparent the method they’d been advised on wasn’t suitable.

So, over the next week we worked together to find a suitable solution & “Hey Presto”, 3 days later you see the stunning bright orange table top below.

Initially the plan was to cast the table out of resin, the depth of the table meant this wasn’t viable & also we wouldn’t have been able to achieve the high gloss finish you see in the images.

What we did was create a tray feature with a core that simply fitted into the polished steel frame, giving the solid look & feel they required.

This again highlights the versatility of GRP as their table could have been any shape, size or colour & we could have assisted them in this manner.

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