York Theatre Royal Gets New GRP Canopy

York City Council were undertaking a full renovation of the York Theatre Royal. As part of this renovation, they wanted to renew the entrance canopy with a stunning new design that used contemporary materials that evolve the original concept by Gwynne, giving the entrance a 21st-century look and feel.

Making a GRP Canopy

The design needed a material that was lightweight, weatherproof but would also blend in with the original building design, 3 letters, a GRP canopy was the obvious choice.

York City Council, In conjunction with the architect, approached Harviglass-Fibre to help them create this bespoke canopy. The canopy would have an anthracite finish but would also incorporate LED lighting.


Working with the architect from start to finish,  we manufactured the tooling In-house, creating a full-size MDF master pattern.  We then manufactured a GRP Tool in which we produced the final canopy from.  This was fitted out with acrylic lettering, light boxes & bracketry to fix to the original structure.

As you can see, the design fits in beautifully with the original building whilst adding a modern touch to the design.

Another advantage of a GRP canopy is that it can be manufactured in many finishes to match your needs,  whether that be a High Gloss sheet or Sandstone Coping stone GRP will do it.