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Specialists in GRP (Fibre Glass) Mouldings : Harviglass-Fibre

Harviglass-Fibre specialises in the development and production of bespoke Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastics (GRP) products. Our fibreglass mouldings are produced by hand-lay, resin-injection, spray lamination, resin transfer and vacuum pressing. We supply GRP mouldings throughout the UK and Ireland. Please call by phone or e-mail to arrange a meeting, organise a visit or to simply discuss your project requirements in greater detail.

Select one of the sectors below to take a closer look at what Harviglass-fibre can do for you....

Architectural GRP »

Harviglass-Fibre can manufacture a range of bespoke architectural Fibreglass products from Pilasters, cornices, coping/fascia details, coffers and a whole host of architectural features to meet your requirements.

Industrial GRP »

The Industrial sector is another area where GRP has shown the ability to replace traditional materials usually associated within Industry such as steel and aluminium.

Instrumental GRP »

Glass Fibre GRP Enclosures, heat exchangers, RF transparent fascias and a multitude of bespoke features to meet your requirements.

GRP Retail Displays »

Glass Fibre mouldings can be used to produce a multitude of shapes & finishes. Giving designers the ability to create more extravagant designs and shapes that would not be possible in traditional materials.

Bespoke GRP »

GRP can be used to manufacture anything from aesthetic products to high specification components. It can be moulded into any shape and made in any finish gloss, texture or matt.

GRP Signs »

GRP fibreglass signs that continue to look good for year after year. Totally weather-proof and highly resistant to vandal attack.